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Overweight adults who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more can turn to Qsymia diet pill, an FDA-approved weight-loss medication available by prescription. Qsymia is different than many other prescription diet pills currently available because it is a unique daily combination of two medications, Phentermine and topiramate ER. These two ingredients work in concert to affect the individual's feeling of satiety after eating and needs to be taken only once daily.

Phentermine is a fast acting drug that helps to reduce an individual's appetite so that it becomes much easier for them to reduce the food intake they consume and limit the amount of calories they take in on a daily basis. Topiramate ER is a pharmaceutical that continues to work throughout the day to help the person feel full rather than hungry and avoid all the excess weight that comes from constant snacking. Qsymia diet pill has no generic equivalent and is considered a controlled substance under the guidelines of the federal government because the misuse of Phentermine can lead to an undesirable dependence upon the drug.

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But when used under the guidance of the patient's physician, using Qsymia diet pill combined with a sensible eating program and a moderate exercise program, often results in meaningful weight loss for obese patients. Patients can register to participate in a Q and Me Patient Support Program that can help keep them motivated in between visits to their doctor. In addition, this Support Program, provided at no additional cost, is designed to encourage the patient to make nutritious dietary choices on a daily basis in addition to inspiring them to increase their level of physical activity so that they can burn more calories and increase their metabolic rate for even faster weight loss.

Overweight individuals who feel discouraged that their attempts at exercise combined with improved eating habits haven't provided the weight loss results they wanted or expected should speak to their doctor about the benefits of Qsymia diet pill. This form of weight-loss medication should not be used by expectant mothers or women who anticipate getting pregnant, nor should it be used by individuals who have existing health health issues since it can result in an increased heart rate. Qsymia diet pill gives individuals a better chance of achieving their weight loss goals because of its double-action ingredients combined with a support program to stay motivated.